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Understanding: Understand that you are here to ensure that the patron/client has the most enjoyable experience possible; This means answering any questions the patron/client might have, and also cleaning the venue to ensure that each patron/client enjoys not only wonderful service, but a wonderful venue.

 Safety: Safety is our number one priority here at the Highlander Auditorium. All policies or rules that we enforce were created to ensure that the patron/client can enjoy the Highlander Auditorium safely.

Hospitality: Hospitality is one of the most important part of any venues success. Guests must not only feel like welcome guests but as appreciated and wanted guests. Offering your assistance in any situation that may arise is a vital part of keeping the Highlander experience a hospitable one.

 Entertainment: Our patrons/clients come to the Highlander Auditorium to be entertained, and since you are the first thing they see at the door, you are the first part of that experience. Make sure that meeting you is an enjoyable experience so that the patron/client is free to enjoy the rest of their time at the Highlander Auditorium.

 Respect: At the base of every successful usher is respect. Whether they are greeting a patron/client, or enforcing the Highlander Auditoriums policies, they must be respectful. Always be respectful to be sure that every patron/client will look forward to their next visit.